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What Happens When the Starter Goes Bad?

You should get 100,000 miles or more out of the factory starter in your ignition system. This being said, once your odometer has turned this coveted milestone, the starter can go bad. We can replace the starter if it has gone bad. In fact, if you are having any of the problems listed below, bring your vehicle to our shop as soon as possible. We will test the starter to see if it can still turn over the engine. If it can’t, we will replace it with a new one that should give you another 100,000 miles.

The Engine Clicks

One way that you will know that you have a starter problem is if the engine clicks before it fires up. Aside from clicking, the engine may also make a whirring sound. This is your warning that the starter is having a hard time turning over the engine. Consequently, the next time you attempt to start your automobile, the engine may not start. This is why we recommend you come to us right away.

The Engine Won’t Start

If your engine won’t start, the starter is likely dead. When the starter turns over the engine, this causes the engine to grab the air and fuel that it needs in the cylinders in order to generate combustion. Without this air and fuel, your engine cannot start.

The starter also supplies the spark plugs with much-needed electricity so they can produce sparks in the cylinders. Once the plugs produce the sparks, the air and fuel are set on fire and you have engine combustion. Your engine will not start without either of these things.

The Lights Will Work

Your first thought may be that you have a dead battery. This makes sense. But before you attempt to jump-start your battery, check to see if your vehicle lights are working. If they aren’t, the battery or alternator is dead. If they are working, the problem is not the battery or the alternator. Rather, the most likely reason why you can’t get your car started is you have a dead starter.

You’ll Smell Heat

Finally, we are taught as children to keep trying if we fail at something, but we recommend that you let go of this training if your car won’t start. If the starter is dead, the engine is not going to start no matter how many times you press the start button. Unfortunately, you will only overheat the starter motor and this will cause hot odors to waft from the engine.

We are here to help, so call us today. We’d be happy to test your starter and replace it if necessary.

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