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Look No Further Than Horizon Auto Center for Your Spring AC Check

You can count on Horizon Auto Center for all of your automotive service and repair needs including the air conditioner. Now is the perfect time to bring your vehicle to our shop so we can inspect the air conditioning system to make sure you will be cool and comfortable all summer long. Let’s talk about some of the things we will do below that are part of our spring AC check.

Test/Inspect the Compressor

The compressor likes to work a lot, so it can go bad over the winter because you haven’t been turning on your car’s air conditioner. We will test the compressor to make sure that it is doing its job, which is to compress the gas refrigerant into liquid refrigerant and circulate it. We will also inspect the compressor to make sure there are no signs of damage.

Inspect the Condenser

Speaking of damage, it’s easy for the air conditioner’s condenser to get damaged because it is located directly behind the grille. This is so it can draw the outside air through air inlets to cool off the refrigerant. These inlets can get clogged by dirt and debris, and the condenser can get damaged by dirt and debris. We will inspect the condenser and replace it if it’s damaged.

Test/Inspect the Condenser Fan

Aside from the outside air, the condenser also uses a condenser fan to cool off the refrigerant. We will inspect the condenser fan to make sure that it, too, has not been damaged by road debris. We will also test the fan to make sure that it turns on every time that it needs to. Without cold refrigerant, you will not have cold air blowing through the vents.

Inspect the Electrical System

Aside from the above, we will also inspect the electrical system to make sure there are no frayed wires or other problems. The air conditioning system is plugged into your vehicle’s electrical system. Consequently, if the electrical system is malfunctioning, the AC may not even turn on.

Check the Refrigerant Level

Finally, you won’t have cold air if you don’t have refrigerant in the air conditioning system. We will check the level of the refrigerant in your system and add refrigerant to the system if necessary. The level of refrigerant can reduce over time due to evaporation or system leaks.

Call Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall, TX, today to schedule your vehicle’s spring AC check. We will make sure you can count on the air conditioner all summer long.

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