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I Cannot Get My Car to Go Into Gear

Call Horizon Auto Center right away if you cannot get your car, truck, or utility vehicle to go into gear. When the automatic transmission becomes completely unresponsive, this is a sign that the transmission needs to be rebuilt or replaced. We can do that here at our shop, you will just need to call a tow truck to get your automobile to us if you cannot get the transmission into Drive.

Leaks Tranny Fluid

Another sign that your transmission is going bad is if it leaks transmission fluid. When new, transmission fluid is red. It turns brown when it is too old. Generally, the transmission leaks the fluid underneath your automobile toward the center. If you have a fluid leak in this location that is either red or brown, your transmission is leaking fluid and needs to be serviced immediately.

Makes Strange Noises

You may also hear the transmission make strange noises when it shifts gears and when it is in neutral. For example, a transmission will hum when it is in neutral if it is going bad. The transmission may also squeal or grind when you put it into gear and as it shifts gears.

Makes Your Car Shake

These noises are a bad sign. You also don’t want the transmission to make your car shake every time you put it into gear and as it shifts through the gear cycle. If the gear shifts are extremely rough, the transmission fluid may be too low or the automatic transmission may be having other problems.


The transmission can also overheat if the transmission fluid is too low. When this happens, you will detect burning odors wafting from underneath your automobile. We do not recommend driving your vehicle if the transmission is overheating as this can damage it further.

Refuses to Shift Gears

Your automatic transmission may also refuse to shift through the gear cycle if it is going bad. When this happens, the transmission gets stuck in first gear and it will not shift no matter how fast you drive. Again, we recommend that you have your vehicle towed to our shop if it is in this condition.

Slips Into Neutral

The transmission can also slip out of gear. When this happens, it goes into neutral by itself from whichever gear it was in. You will notice that you have a sudden loss of power and you will hear the engine’s RPMs increase significantly when this happens.

Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall, TX, is here to help, and we can help prevent transmission problems by servicing your automatic transmission every 30,000 miles.

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