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Gear Problems You May Have If Your Car’s Transmission is Faulty

In simple terms, the transmission in a car refers to the system that allows the driver to control the amount of power that transfers from the engine to the wheels. The driver manages this through the gearbox or gears, or it’s handled for them in a car with automatic transmission. When the transmission isn’t working properly, it can cause an array of problems with your vehicle.

Gears Slipping

Slipping gears is one of the more dangerous car problems that bad transmission can cause and needs to be addressed immediately. If there is a delay when you accelerate, your chosen gear slips out of place, or the engine makes a loud noise when you change gears, pull into an auto shop as soon as possible.

Stuck Gears

Car transmission problems can also cause gears to be stuck. If you cannot switch gears or your car makes strange noises when you are in neutral, you need to consult with a mechanic or auto professional to top up or change the transmission oil. In some cases, service might be required.

Burning Odors

A lot of power is involved in transmission operation, and any fault can cause your car to overheat, which will result in a strange, burning smell. This also tends to happen when the transmission oil needs to be replaced because it is either old, corroded, or burned. Visit an auto repair shop immediately.

Oil Leaks  

Transmission oil is red and has a sweet smell. When there is a leak, you are likely to find it under your car. If you have been having trouble with your gears, check under the car for leaks before leaving the house or anywhere else the car has been parked for some time. Ask a mechanic to inspect the car if you find any patches of transmission fluid on the ground. Make sure you clean up any residual transmission fluid on the driveway where unsuspecting pets and other animals may find and consume this toxic substance.

Unusual Shaking and Sounds

It’s common for vehicles to shake when the transmission system is faulty. Grinding is also common, particularly with automatic models. Sounds to watch out for include humming, clunking, or whining noises. However, these sounds can also be caused by worn brakes and other car components.

Slow Clutch

If the clutch in your manual-transmission car does not come back up or disengage quickly when you switch gears, you need help. A delayed clutch can mess with gears and is potentially dangerous. Because this problem is usually mechanical, you will need professional assistance to do repairs.

If there is a problem with your gears, there might be a problem with your car’s transmission. It pays to have a professional conduct a visual inspection to check for leaks and unusual smells and sounds, and to check transmission oil to see if it needs filling up or replacing.

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