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Automotive Fluids Are Different Colors to Help Identify Them

Horizon Auto Center advises that one of the reasons why automotive fluids come in different colors is it makes it easier to identify them. This comes in handy if you see spots on your garage floor and wonder if it’s okay to drive your automobile. Let’s talk about the different automotive fluids, sorted by their color, and whether you should drive your vehicle or call for a tow truck.


Unless the blue fluid on the garage floor is your engine’s coolant, you can drive your vehicle if it is leaking blue fluid. The most common automotive fluid that comes in the color blue is the washing solution for your windshield. It’s okay to drive your vehicle if this fluid is leaking.


You should probably call for a tow truck if your vehicle is leaking brown fluid. As you already know, this could mean that the automobile is leaking oil. It can also mean that your car is leaking differential oil or brake fluid. Finally, if your transmission fluid is old, it can also be brown.


Clear fluid is tricky because you have to smell it to determine what it is. In most cases, it’s just water, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. In rare cases, it could be the gasoline or diesel fuel leaking out of the fuel system. Smell the clear fluid to make sure it does not smell like fuel.


Avoid driving your automobile if it is leaking green fluid. This fluid is the antifreeze/coolant in the cooling system. If it is leaking heavily out of the cooling system, your vehicle is going to overheat if you start the motor. As such, it’s probably safer to call for a tow truck.


The same is true with orange fluid. This, too, can be your antifreeze/coolant. In addition, it can be a sign that your radiator is rusted and leaking the coolant out of the bottom. You definitely do not want to drive your automobile if the radiator is in this condition.


Another color that should make you think twice about driving your automobile is red fluid. We mentioned above that brake fluid and transmission fluid can be brown. They can also be red. In addition, your power steering fluid is red and the coolant may be red.

Finally, Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall, TX, advises that antifreeze/coolant also comes in yellow. Give us a call today if you have fluid leaking out of your automobile.

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