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Don’t Drive Your Car if the Catalytic Converter Has Been Stolen

Horizon Auto Center is the best auto shop in Rockwall, and we strongly discourage you from driving your vehicle if the catalytic converter has been stolen. We will explain why below. Note that catalytic converter thefts are common because the converters are made out of precious metals like platinum. If you can, always park your vehicle in a secure location to avoid this theft.

The First Things That Will Happen

If your catalytic converter has been stolen, there are two things that are going to happen when you first start your automobile. The first thing is that the check engine light will turn on and remain lit. This is because the engine control unit is receiving error codes from the exhaust system sensors. At this point, the exhaust system is malfunctioning because the converter is no longer there.

The next thing that will happen is you may jump in your seat because your engine will suddenly be extremely loud. It will also roar, especially when you press down on the accelerator. This, too, is a sign that the catalytic converter has been stolen because the converter muffles the sound of the exhaust being forced out of the exhaust manifold.

The Happenings if You Drive the Car

A missing catalytic converter does not render your vehicle inoperable. Rather, you can drive your automobile, but, again, we don’t recommend it. One of the first things that you will notice if you press down on the accelerator is that your vehicle will lurch forward several times. A missing catalytic converter causes your vehicle’s acceleration to be jerky and punchy.

Another problem that occurs when the catalytic converter has been stolen is difficulty driving at slow speeds. The engine has a hard time producing torque for your vehicle to operate smoothly when you are driving slowly, such as when you drive on the city streets. Consequently, your vehicle will sputter and may even install until you pick up significant speed.

The Dangers of Driving the Car

All of this said, let’s talk about the dangers of driving your car. The catalytic converter is gone, so the manifold in the exhaust system forces untreated exhaust into the environment. This exhaust floats upward and into your passenger cabin and the engine. Consequently, you will inhale the untreated exhaust while you are driving your vehicle. This can actually kill you.

Call Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall, TX, today to set up a service visit for your vehicle if someone stole the catalytic converter.

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