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Horizon Auto Center Can Change Your Car’s Filters When They Need It

You can count on Horizon Auto Center for all of your automotive service and repair needs including filter changes. We recommend that you take a look inside your owner’s manual to see when each filter needs to be changed. We are going to provide recommendations below, but these recommendations are general. Your vehicle manufacturer may have a different recommendation for your make and model.


Starting with the air filter, the general recommendation is that it should be changed every 12,000 miles. This prevents the air filter from getting clogged and affecting your engine’s performance. In addition, a clean air filter helps your vehicle get the best gas mileage it can get. With gas prices as expensive as they are these days, you want to get every mile you can out of each gallon.


Your owner’s manual is a better way to find out when the cabin air filter needs to be changed. In fact, you may need to check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle even has a cabin air filter. If it does, the changing schedule could be anywhere from every 6,000 miles to as much as 30,000 miles. Go by what your owner’s manual says when it comes to this filter change.


A clogged fuel filter can also affect your engine’s performance and fuel economy. As such, it’s an excellent idea to have the fuel filter changed every 30,000 miles. This ensures that the filter is able to remove the dirt and sediment from the fuel every time it flows through it. In addition to changing the fuel filter, you should also have the fuel injectors professionally cleaned.


The oil filter is swapped out for a new one automatically when the oil is changed. This mixture that the oil filter never gets clogged. This is extremely important, because a clogged oil filter can damage your engine to the point that it cannot be repaired. Think about it. If the oil filter is clogged, the oil will get stuck behind it. Consequently, there will be no oil in the engine.


Finally, you will need to consult your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle has a filter in the transmission. If it does, this filter is generally changed every 30,000 miles. As with the oil filter, the transmission filter gets swapped out for a new one when the transmission fluid is changed.

Call Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall, TX, today if your automobile is overdue for a filter change.

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