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Electrical Problems in Automobiles

There are several common signs that your car, truck, or utility vehicle has an electrical problem. We are going to list those signs below so you know what to look for in your automobile. Do not worry. We are electrical system experts here at our auto repair shop, and we are the best auto service shop in town. Bring your vehicle to our shop if you having any of the issues listed below.

Blown Fuses

One common sign that your vehicle has electrical problems is blown fuses. The fuses will blow frequently if the electrical system is overloaded. This can happen if the alternator is malfunctioning and you have voltage above 14. 5 volts being produced. Unfortunately, this excess voltage will overload the electrical system and the fuses in the fuse box will blow to protect your vehicle from an electrical fire.

Burning Plastic

In addition to blown fuses, you may also smell hot plastic if the electrical system is overheating. This is a sign that the wires are too hot and they are melting their rubber insulation. This can open you up to a potentially dangerous situation, as the hot wires could start an electrical fire. We recommend that you head straight to our shop if you smell burning plastic. Tow your vehicle to play it extra safe.

Dead Battery

Electrical system problems can also manifest in the battery. If there is a phantom drain somewhere, you may need to jump-start your battery frequently. Jump-starting the battery frequently is also a sign that you have a dying battery or a dying alternator. The alternator keeps the battery charged with voltage that is left over that the components and accessories do not need for their power.

Difficult Starts

Naturally, if your vehicle is having battery problems, it is going to affect how well you can get the automobile started. Perhaps, as just mentioned, the problem is the battery, or, perhaps, the problem is the starter. Either way, electrical problems can make it difficult to get your car, SUV, or truck started. In fact, you may end up stranded with a dead engine that refuses to start.

Light Malfunctions

Finally, your vehicle relies on electricity to power the components and accessories. Consequently, you may notice a problem with your vehicle’s lights and other accessories and components if the electrical system is malfunctioning. You may even end up with a dead touchscreen.

Call us today if you have electrical problems in your automobile. We can find the problem and fix it.

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